06 Sept 2021> Internet Cyclone 2.29
is released, a powerful Internet Optimizer for Win9x/NT/2k/Xp/7/8/10 designed to automatically increase Internet speed up to 200%.


25 March 2023> Advanced URL Catalog 2.40
is released, a world-wide awarded Bookmark & URL Manager for Win9x/NT/2k/Xp/7/8/10. Store, organize, annotate, protect your favorite bookmarks fast and easy.


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You can download Free Evaluation versions of Internet Cyclone 2.28 and Advanced URL Catalog 2.40.

Internet Cyclone - is a powerful, easy-to-use, Internet Optimizer for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 designed to automatically optimize your Windows settings which will boost your Internet connection up to 200%. Internet Cyclone is compatible with all modems and high-speed LAN, ISDN, CABLE, DSL, T1 or other connections. This software will still be useful to you after upgrading your connection.

Advanced URL Catalog - is a world-wide awarded software that will help you to manage your favorite urls. This software will help you store, organize, annotate, delete duplicates, password protect your database, grab url from browsers, search using multiple criteria, and many other functions. If you are tired remembering all the sites that you visit, login information and you want to keep track of them and check if there are still available then you need Advanced URL Catalog to do the job for you. It has an easy to use interface (Windows Explorer style).

You can download these files from our Partner.

Title of Software Version Size Download
Internet Cyclone 2.29 1.06 MB
Advanced URL Catalog 2.40 39.4 MB
Jordy Proxy Changer 1.05 26.8 MB
Jordy Downloader 1.11 13.15 MB
Jordy Video Downloader 1.11 13.15 MB

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